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What is ExpX?

This page gives a brief explanation of the ExpX protocol
ExpX is a platform allowing anyone to both invest in and create decentralized cryptocurrency Index Funds, with automatic 24/7 rebalancing and additional revenue generation from farming and swap commissions.
ExpX offers several professionally-created, diversified Index Funds, suitable for a range of investment return goals and risk management levels. For example, individual Funds are available for easy investment in top GameFi projects, up-and-coming DeFi protocols, projects with high capitalization rates, and more.
Anyone can invest in an Index Fund on the ExpX platform with only a couple of clicks. The entire process of working with an ExpX Index Fund is 100% decentralized and automated, from investment to governance. All tokens within Funds are fully backed by real equity at all times.
ExpX Index Funds are intended as highly-profitable long-term investment tools for HODL-investors, who know that patience is always well rewarded. In addition to profits earned on the growth of the Funds, investors earn considerable additional revenue on swap commissions and farming.
Finally, the ExpX platform allows anyone to create their own Index Fund, open for investment by anyone, and composed of tokens of their own choosing. In the upcoming V2 of the ExpX protocol, Fund creators will also be able to earn commission on the total value of all funds committed to their pool.
The ExpX platform has been certified by Certik, the world leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain auditing.